Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Towelling for the Beach

It's bright and exciting . . . it's a must for your summer wardrobe!

Terry Towelling has been with us for years but never in such a wide range of fashionable colours and contemporary patterns. Ideal for the beach because it is so absorbent, easy to wash, and doesn't crush or fade, towelling is all the rage overseas. Large reversible and striped beach sheets are not only a smart accessory for your beach wardrobe, but also make wonderful wrap-arounds for wet costumes. Available by the yard, and ranging in price from 15 to 30 shillings a yard, towelling is the answer for the home dressmaker. The styles shown on these pages were designed by Anthony Horderns to give you an idea of just what can be done with towelling. They are simple, practical, and easy to copy.

*Text and pictures derived from an article in 'PIX' magazine, from January 19, 1957

I can completely testify to the wonders of Terry Towelling, which I've always had a bit of a soft spot for. I've spent a lot of time this summer in the towelling wrap around below (although that photo was taken in my backyard), which I gto from Peachy Keen last year for my birthday. It's completely and utterly perfect. Sorry for my complete absence lately, I turned 16 and have spent a lot of time sleeping since. I have a whole lot of posts coming up though!

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