Sunday, January 16, 2011

But You're Not Even Wearing Any Loafers

I just watched 'A Single Man'. I'm in that lull after an amazing movie or book where I'm still taking it in, and can't quite put into words how much I loved it. Instead I sort of look around the room imagining that it's a moment of poignancy, and seeing things in slow motion to a soundtrack in my head. Another post will be coming soon when I have regained the use of language and lost the expression of awe (Actualy I can't count on the fact that that will ever fade). But for now I can comment on the Brigitte Bardot-esque eye make-up of the film though. So smooth and perfectly defined. Beautiful. I wish I could apply eye-liner, alas it is not a talent I show any signs of possessing, and because my eye-brows are basically albino too much eye make-up can look a bit odd on me. Saying that, I do feel a small obsession brewing and a liquid eye liner purchase approaching. Ha, I don't think I've ever had a small obsession actually - I tend to wholeheartedly get behind things, which is why I have a whole drawer full of vintage aprons (and more hanging up in my closet).

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