Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Holiday Time Fashions - Touring Holidays

The last of my 'Holiday Time Fashions' set - accompanied by photos from my family's own touring holiday. We took a day trip while in Northland up to Cape Reinga, which is the very top of the country, and utterly spectacular. The huge numbers of tourists irritated me a little - mainly because I think playing music off your cell phone is a little disrespectful at a place believed to be the 'launching place' of spirits into the next world,and where two oceans collide, but hey, that's just me. So a bit of etiquette advice to go with the following fashion tips - be respectful. Don't run in the art gallery or spit at the statues. Although I'm sure none of you lovely readers would ever think of doing such things :) Without further ado - the 'Touring Holiday'!

This is an opportunity for wearing lots of pretty two-pieces and smart, citified cottons. Go in for fabrics with crease-resistant finishes to avoid lots of pressing when you arrive.

Take two skirts, one straight, the other pleated, and several cool shirts and tops. 

Trousers are all right for loafing around, but choose your tops cleverly so that the effect is neat and crisp. 

You'll need walking shoes and sandals and a pair of smart shoes with little heels.

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