I love vintage clothes because... they're affordable, good quality and always unique. Great style is timeless, so what's better than being a stylish time traveller everyday? It's like being Doctor Who, but with less Billie Piper and weird aliens with no faces.

Your best vintage shopping tip? Don't spend too much! I suppose if you love the piece and you NEED it in your life, then it's worth it. For me though, half of the fun is being able to find something which is awesome and cheap. Oh, and make sure it fits you. Don't fool yourself into thinking it does just because you want it. It will only end in tears and a lot of broken zips in the changing rooms. Wearing vintage can sometimes look wrong - what is your best tip for getting it right? Don't try hard to convince yourself that something looks good just because it's vintage. Ugly clothing has always been made, so just because someone may have hiked the price and called it vintage doesn't necessarily mean it's going to look great. I think one of my first second-hand duds was this emerald green corduroy jacket. In theory, it was good - but it just made me look like a hobbit. I tried for about five years to convince myself that it looked good, but I had to eventually donate it to the dress-up box. I still think about it every day though.

Who does vintage style well? I think the people who do vintage style the best are the ones I look to for inspiration and general worship. For the better part of my teenage years, I've wished that I could be a Hitchcock blonde (or brunette, but he didn't like them as much). Tippi Hedren, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak, Ingrid Bergman, Vera Miles... they all had the ability to come off looking incredibly stylish and pulled together, despite the fact that in every film they're either being chased, murdered or attacked by birds.

Tell us about your favourite vintage find. My favourite vintage find is this skirt that I found in the Rainbow Op-Shop on K Road. It was one dollar! I bought it on my lunch break from when I went to school at Auckland Girls' Grammar last year. That was the real danger about going to a school so close to K Road, because it meant I would always end up spending all my bus money on clothes. I love this skirt, because it's slightly below the knee which means it's great for winter with boots and wool stockings. I used to be scared of anything that wasn't knee-length and up because it wasn't "cool", but now I'm digging the mid-calf length. "Amish sex appeal" is definitely the inspiration for the season.

Favourite vintage stores? Search and Destroy, Vixen, Rainbow Op-Shop, Hunters and Collectors in Wellington ... and that shop in St Kevin's whose name I can't remember. But it has the most amazing vintage clothes, furniture and decor. I basically want to live in the shop, but apparently that's frowned upon.

What vintage spot do you love that most Aucklanders wouldn't know about? My favourite place in the world is the Te Atatu Peninsula Church Shop. It's criminally cheap and sometimes you can hit the jackpot. I scored a full on skirt suit there for six bucks, it makes me look like a flight attendant and/or Margaret Thatcher.

Do you shop for vintage online? I can't say that I have, but that's more to do with my fear of online shopping. I occasionally do buy vintage on Trade Me, but I much prefer to physically see the clothes rather than through tiny thumbnails. It's easier to tell if the clothes are good quality if you actually have them in your hands as well. God, I sound like a mum.

What is your favourite place for vintage accessories? I would have to say my mum's and grandmother's jewellery boxes are my favourite place for vintage accessories. I don't accessorise much, but when I do I usually just go for brooches and necklaces. I love wearing something with a history behind or something that is special to people in my family. That is unless I lose it.

What new vintage spot should we know about? I can't think of any to be honest - if anyone finds out, let me know. Is there a great vintage shopping spot out of town that you would like to share? Paeroa is not only good for L&P, it's also a brilliant vintage shopping spot. Not only for clothes, but for everything. I bought my brother the coolest birthday present there, it was this little mini bar suitcase from the 60s which has four little glasses in it and room for bottles. Drinking in public has never looked so classy.