Friday, May 7, 2010

John - what a Double Intelligent Cool Kid!

Mining in NZ, really John? My family and I, along with 50,000 other New Zealanders marched against the governments proposal to mine a bunch of New Zealands national parks last weekend, it was an amazing turnout (the biggest march we've had in decades). I had so much fun painting placards, getting to experience the joys of Auckland public transport as I caught the train with my family, getting to hear all of my Grandmothers' (standing behind me in the second photo) amazing stories of the last protest marches they'd been on down Queen street, during the anti-nuclear protests, and reading all of the puns people had put on their signs - oh how I love a good pun - the main one being 'They say mine, we say ours'.
I guess this sort of counts as an outfit post? To save time on listing though, everything I'm wearing is from op-shops.

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