Sunday, June 27, 2010

The '30s in VOGUE - Part 1

Vogue embraces the flying craze on a cover, 1937

So the other day I decided that maybe I would actually study with my study period at school, but I unfortunately happened to sit down right next to a shelve of books on Vogue in the library. So goodbye French homework.The two that I brought home to (probably illegally) scan so I can pour over the pictures for ever and ever are truly amazing. I have to say I've never really thought of Vogue as having so much more than fashion in it, but the politics, art, and of course social gossip it's full of provide a fascinating look into the times. I won't post any of the text, but here are a few of my (agonisingly selected) favourite images.
Advertisement for World Peaceways 1937
'Mme Corniglion copes with the transport of her car across one of the tributaries of the Niger' 1931
 Vogue cover by Salvador Dali, 1939
'I dream about an evening dress' - Painting by Dali for Vogue, 1937
'Lady Louis Montbatten, wife of a cousin of the King, and a chic leader of London society, 1932'
'The 13-year old Princess Elizabeth visits the London Zoo, 1939' - (Speaking of the royal family, there is a fabulous giveaway of 1953 coronation souvenirs on Yesterday Girl)

Many more pictures are coming!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Retro Pez Adverts

A certain (jazz-loving-miumiu-foot-drawing-more-rad-than-a-'90s-sitcom) friend of mine and I have a dream to one day own a Pez collection so amazing it rivals Tavi's. The only problem is they don't seem to actually sell Pez in New Zealand anymore. That really is a minor setback though.

(pictures from here)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


These are all from this fabulous tumblr, which is filled with the most amazing old photos. The '20s really were the cats meow!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

VOGUE Knitting Book

                            'What's new in VOGUE KNIT? 
Wool inspired by fashion!
                                        Fashion translated into wool. 
With Vogue's own flair and Vogue's own crystal-clear instructions!
 Fashion moves fast but Vogue moves faster than a ferret to bring you the Vogue Knit Series, incomparable easy-to-follow designs of all that's best and most exciting in woollies today.'

My darling Mother found this knitting book for me in an op-shop the other day, it doesn't have an exact date on it but I'm guessing it's from the early '60s. It's filled with terribly elegant and well-cut patterns, simple yet beautiful in design. The above photo is perhaps my favourite out of the whole book, her glasses and delicate curls finish the look off perfectly.

'A city-wise suit with fashion in every line of it. The jacket, gently shaped to an unemphasised waistline, has two breast pockets at Empire level. The skirt is slim, back pleated for easy walking.'
'Lovely boucle wool dress for an elegant woman and two colour coat for a no less elegant poodle'
'New short length jacket with a flair for outdoor life'
'Simple cotton shirtwaist in its latest fashion guise'
'Beautiful cobweb lace stitch traces a demure jacket for a light spring accessory'
The rest of the line which is cut off reads - 'Roll-necked sweater in kitten-soft Orlon, panelled in twists of cable stitch'
'Kitten-soft' is such a lovely way to describe something. I wish people still dressed like this on 'carefree days'

Friday, June 18, 2010

Klassie Kids

Just a few somewhat creepy things I thought I'd share, because nothing is 'klassier' than spelling things with a K.

 Little Mary looks like she eats toddlers for morning tea.

Enriched with what exactly?


What happened to that rabbits eyes? Stabbed out by a customer in self-defense, perhaps? Or maybe they're taking their inspiration from Donnie Darko? After all, that's the movie all the tacky-prom-dress clad 4 year olds are raving about these days (or so I hear).

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Postcards from Italy

These postcards aren't actually from Italy at all, but I adore this song by Beruit and the gorgeously nostalgic music video that accompanies it. I can think of a hundred and one images that are conjured up by this song, but for now a few postcards from my (possibly excessively large) old collection will have to do.

Perhaps one of the things I love most about postcards is reading the messages on the back. Usually they seem to be about the weather and the time it takes to travel places, but occassionally there are more unusual ones. The back of the postcard above (the one on the right), which was sent in 1947, reads 'Dear May : I am going to try and guess how you look. Average height. White hair, blue eyes, kind of plump & good natured. Don't forget I like long letters & you owe me one. Your way wrong on your guess, guess again. Will write a letter when you do, love, Alma'

These four are are actually old photos found under the house of a family friend, the back of the one on the top right reads 'William Forsyth, Hamilton Bowling Club. Eldest brother of Elsie, Margaret, John & Robert. Note left arm lost at war in Gallipoli. Was director of Cairngorm Apiary's in Ohaupo & Produced Tartan Brand Honey' . The photo beside him is of his brother , John Alston Forsyth, and on the back is pasted his death notice that was in the paper which reads - 'Forsyth, John Alston. March 11 1969, at Cornwall Hospital. Loved brother of Elsie, Bert, and Margaret (Mrs Macauley, Devonport)'. I love local history like this. As the house these were found at was in Devonport (a picture of the Devonport church is below) and there were also a number of postcards to Mrs Macauley there, I would be willing to guess that the below photo is of Margaret Macauley and her daughter on her wedding day, although I could be wrong. I do love what they're both wearing.  

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday On My Mind

There's something about listening to ‘60s music that always makes me want to dance in the rain a bit. I have this inability to walk normally and not fling my umbrella about when I’m listening to Freda Payne, the Easybeats, Diana Ross or the Kinks at full volume. I'm kind of super glad the road between my and my friends houses is relatively secluded. I went over there house last sunday with my new records (cleverly stashed inside the brown case I’m carrying, I got a record with 'Lola' by the Kinks and 'Friday On My Mind' by the Easybeats for only a dollar!) , and managed to make it over without injuring anyone or making a complete fool of myself (I think). We spent the day watching Ghost World, drinking tea, and baking bread while blasting an interesting mix of ‘60s British pop, Mickey Mouse Disco, and Siouxsie and the Banshees.
I also finally got to wear my mustard raincoat! I brought it awhile back and have been not-so-patiently waiting for rainy weather ever since, although rain also means cold and I’m still not quite so keen on that…

Wearing -
Dress - Secondhand
Underskirt (you can see the lace poking out inderneath the dress) - Secondhand
Mustard Raincoat - This is Not a Love Shop Vintage
Umbrella - Secondhand
Shoes - Secondhand
Record Case - Secondhand (found while up north)

Thinking of Shirley Temple

 All my thoughts today have sounded like Shirley Temple, in a way I have her voice stuck in my head. It's such a cute little voice though, that I don't mind at all.