Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Postcards from Italy

These postcards aren't actually from Italy at all, but I adore this song by Beruit and the gorgeously nostalgic music video that accompanies it. I can think of a hundred and one images that are conjured up by this song, but for now a few postcards from my (possibly excessively large) old collection will have to do.

Perhaps one of the things I love most about postcards is reading the messages on the back. Usually they seem to be about the weather and the time it takes to travel places, but occassionally there are more unusual ones. The back of the postcard above (the one on the right), which was sent in 1947, reads 'Dear May : I am going to try and guess how you look. Average height. White hair, blue eyes, kind of plump & good natured. Don't forget I like long letters & you owe me one. Your way wrong on your guess, guess again. Will write a letter when you do, love, Alma'

These four are are actually old photos found under the house of a family friend, the back of the one on the top right reads 'William Forsyth, Hamilton Bowling Club. Eldest brother of Elsie, Margaret, John & Robert. Note left arm lost at war in Gallipoli. Was director of Cairngorm Apiary's in Ohaupo & Produced Tartan Brand Honey' . The photo beside him is of his brother , John Alston Forsyth, and on the back is pasted his death notice that was in the paper which reads - 'Forsyth, John Alston. March 11 1969, at Cornwall Hospital. Loved brother of Elsie, Bert, and Margaret (Mrs Macauley, Devonport)'. I love local history like this. As the house these were found at was in Devonport (a picture of the Devonport church is below) and there were also a number of postcards to Mrs Macauley there, I would be willing to guess that the below photo is of Margaret Macauley and her daughter on her wedding day, although I could be wrong. I do love what they're both wearing.  

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