Monday, April 18, 2011

No Dull Moments or Dull Men Tolerated

 It's finally school holidays! Which means that I will hopefully be able to post more, although I still have a mountain of homework to attend to. This is being carefully avoided by watching the first season of Mad Men. I really enjoy it so far,  I daresay more for the costumes and set than the actual storyline. I do think it's good that there's a show that illustrates how advertisers manipulate people though, and how society is affected by the media. But Joan is the only character who really grabs me to be honest, and I tried to chanel her a little bit with this whole ensemble.

Dress - From a family friend (originally from Max)
Belt, Coat, Shoes - Borrowed from my Mother
Scarf - Made from a scrap of material
Bag - Second-hand Store
Gloves - Second hand store

It's all of a sudden gotten freezing cold, hooray for winter at last!