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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet You at the Diner for a Malt

My sister is so cute. We went out for a (soy) milk-shake together the other day, and then played knuckle-bones and read 'The Babysitter's Club' books in the park. When she's not being insanely annoying and trying to drown out my Elliott Smith with Katy Perry (her music taste will improve one day, my Mother assures me) we can get along pretty well.

Holiday Time Fashions - Touring Holidays

The last of my 'Holiday Time Fashions' set - accompanied by photos from my family's own touring holiday. We took a day trip while in Northland up to Cape Reinga, which is the very top of the country, and utterly spectacular. The huge numbers of tourists irritated me a little - mainly because I think playing music off your cell phone is a little disrespectful at a place believed to be the 'launching place' of spirits into the next world,and where two oceans collide, but hey, that's just me. So a bit of etiquette advice to go with the following fashion tips - be respectful. Don't run in the art gallery or spit at the statues. Although I'm sure none of you lovely readers would ever think of doing such things :) Without further ado - the 'Touring Holiday'!

This is an opportunity for wearing lots of pretty two-pieces and smart, citified cottons. Go in for fabrics with crease-resistant finishes to avoid lots of pressing when you arrive.

Take two skirts, one straight, the other pleated, and several cool shirts and tops. 

Trousers are all right for loafing around, but choose your tops cleverly so that the effect is neat and crisp. 

You'll need walking shoes and sandals and a pair of smart shoes with little heels.

Towelling for the Beach

It's bright and exciting . . . it's a must for your summer wardrobe!

Terry Towelling has been with us for years but never in such a wide range of fashionable colours and contemporary patterns. Ideal for the beach because it is so absorbent, easy to wash, and doesn't crush or fade, towelling is all the rage overseas. Large reversible and striped beach sheets are not only a smart accessory for your beach wardrobe, but also make wonderful wrap-arounds for wet costumes. Available by the yard, and ranging in price from 15 to 30 shillings a yard, towelling is the answer for the home dressmaker. The styles shown on these pages were designed by Anthony Horderns to give you an idea of just what can be done with towelling. They are simple, practical, and easy to copy.

*Text and pictures derived from an article in 'PIX' magazine, from January 19, 1957

I can completely testify to the wonders of Terry Towelling, which I've always had a bit of a soft spot for. I've spent a lot of time this summer in the towelling wrap around below (although that photo was taken in my backyard), which I gto from Peachy Keen last year for my birthday. It's completely and utterly perfect. Sorry for my complete absence lately, I turned 16 and have spent a lot of time sleeping since. I have a whole lot of posts coming up though!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Aloe Blacc/Sam Cooke

 Just sayin'.
Why why why is the Aloe Blacc gig R18? Not being able to go to Kitty, Daisy and Lewis or Michael Franti was bad enough. Sob.

But You're Not Even Wearing Any Loafers

I just watched 'A Single Man'. I'm in that lull after an amazing movie or book where I'm still taking it in, and can't quite put into words how much I loved it. Instead I sort of look around the room imagining that it's a moment of poignancy, and seeing things in slow motion to a soundtrack in my head. Another post will be coming soon when I have regained the use of language and lost the expression of awe (Actualy I can't count on the fact that that will ever fade). But for now I can comment on the Brigitte Bardot-esque eye make-up of the film though. So smooth and perfectly defined. Beautiful. I wish I could apply eye-liner, alas it is not a talent I show any signs of possessing, and because my eye-brows are basically albino too much eye make-up can look a bit odd on me. Saying that, I do feel a small obsession brewing and a liquid eye liner purchase approaching. Ha, I don't think I've ever had a small obsession actually - I tend to wholeheartedly get behind things, which is why I have a whole drawer full of vintage aprons (and more hanging up in my closet).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Summer Polaroids - The Swimming Hole

Photos from our trip up north - I didn't take any of them, but I did put them through the polaroid machine, which is exciting every time! We stayed with my Aunty, Uncle, and cousins at their house in Ahipara, which is right at the bottom of 90-mile beach, and pretended to be country children for a week.

Hit Me With a Flower

These photos are from a wee while ago - the first time I wore my petticoat! I love it so much. I've wanted one since forever, but the ones I found were always too expensive. This one was only $30 at a sweet little second-hand fair in a scout hall, a bargain! It's first outing was to my Gran's house (she's in the picture below) for lunch and playing in the sunshine with my little brother(also pictured). My Mum made both his adorable romper and my skirt! I then went to a tea party in the richest neighbourhood I have ever been in, at a friends Grandparents' house. There were beautiful tea-cups, a view of the sea, and vegan cupcakes. I adore tea-parties. Afterwards though I had to catch a bus from the north shore, which shouldn't have been hard, but our public transport system is about as functional as an ab-circle pro. I was at the bus-stop for more than half an hour waiting awkwardly, surrounded by huge houses. Extravagant displays of wealth make me a little uncomfortable, as do packs of rich women in jogging clothes. It was a welcome relief to go to the end-of-year volunteer gathering at the Greenpeace office- one of the places where I feel most at home. The vibes were definately better. Lastly I went to a suprise birthday dinner for a friend, so this certainly proved to be a versatile outfit! I'm actually amazed that I remembered all that considering how long ago it feels. I can't believe it's the middle of summer already!

Knitted Top- Op-shop Skirt-Homemade Petticoat -Secondhand fair Shoes - Etsy Necklace - Vintage store in Austalia Sunglasses - Used to be my Mother's