Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hit Me With a Flower

These photos are from a wee while ago - the first time I wore my petticoat! I love it so much. I've wanted one since forever, but the ones I found were always too expensive. This one was only $30 at a sweet little second-hand fair in a scout hall, a bargain! It's first outing was to my Gran's house (she's in the picture below) for lunch and playing in the sunshine with my little brother(also pictured). My Mum made both his adorable romper and my skirt! I then went to a tea party in the richest neighbourhood I have ever been in, at a friends Grandparents' house. There were beautiful tea-cups, a view of the sea, and vegan cupcakes. I adore tea-parties. Afterwards though I had to catch a bus from the north shore, which shouldn't have been hard, but our public transport system is about as functional as an ab-circle pro. I was at the bus-stop for more than half an hour waiting awkwardly, surrounded by huge houses. Extravagant displays of wealth make me a little uncomfortable, as do packs of rich women in jogging clothes. It was a welcome relief to go to the end-of-year volunteer gathering at the Greenpeace office- one of the places where I feel most at home. The vibes were definately better. Lastly I went to a suprise birthday dinner for a friend, so this certainly proved to be a versatile outfit! I'm actually amazed that I remembered all that considering how long ago it feels. I can't believe it's the middle of summer already!

Knitted Top- Op-shop Skirt-Homemade Petticoat -Secondhand fair Shoes - Etsy Necklace - Vintage store in Austalia Sunglasses - Used to be my Mother's

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