Sunday, January 9, 2011


This just came in the mail as an early birthday present from my family. OH MY GOODNESS. It's beautiful.And also possibly the brightest thing I own. I want to crochet a matching one for one of my old barbies, then go out postering feminist and anti-corporation posters everywhere. Just to revel in the irony.


  1. Wow! I hope you don't think this is weird but I just read through all of your blog posts ever. You have the most amazing style, and I can't believe you're a fellow Kiwi! I'm coming to Auckland on Friday and I can't wait to explore a new city of vintage.

  2. Aww thank you for your lovely comment! Unfortunately because of my boyfriend's work committments we're only there for Friday afternoon and a little bit of Saturday morning, so I probably won't get a chance to explore all the best vintage spots. It's such a shame because after reading your blog I am truly inspired to! I think we're just going to explore K Rd and the central city and be content with that!