Monday, March 29, 2010


Last week our 3 school teams went to the Auckland petanque competition (that's right Miss Hooper, I actually missed school and a chemistry lesson for petanque) - it was so much fun, even though I still can't really play. After all teams successfully came last in all our games (except those against another AGGS team) it became evident how really we all came for the day off school, cheap orangina, and a free barbeque. Not to say that we didn't practise, it's just that throwing some boules down a grassy hill and downloading game instructions off google weren't really any match for the St Kents tracksuits. In saying that, we won in our hearts as usual and no-one at St Kents had a hat quite like mine.

Spot the blue tracksuits!
I'm not a huge fan of this photo but I figured at least one of the 4 bottles of Orangina I drank had to make it into a photo.

Shorts-Homemade by my lovely mother
Suspenders-From an old pair of my Mum's pants
Hat- Second hand store
Blouse-Second hand
Cardigan- Second hand

Monday, March 22, 2010

Somewhat Questionable Relationship Advice from BOYFRIEND '70

I've just properly realised that I won't be able to live in my white summer blouse all the time now that the weathers getting chillier, but will I be able to pull off a winter blouse as well as these boys from Status Quo did?? The ruffles, the mullet, the co-ordinating high waisted flare pants. But to be honest I'd probably dress like this if my girlfriend was going by the treat 'em mean, keem 'em keen approach that 'Boyfriend '70 Book' (the same edition which this status quo pic was from) advises. To be honest I'm feeling a little sorry for some of the boyfriends of the '70s, and also a little puzzled at how things worked out after this advice was followed.
A shortened list of pointers from the article is below:

HOW to make him love you even more

Don't listen to his troubles, but moan at great length about yours

Chew gum with your mouth open

Stop and redo an entire make-up job at every shop window

Tell him that the only reason you're dating him is because he spends all of his pay packet on you. Imply that there is nothing else attractive about him

Rin g him up every hour on the hour and ask why he hasn't telephoned. Doesn't he love you anymore?

When you visit his Mum and Dad, ignore them both and spend the entire time talking to your boyfriend. You have nothing in common with them anyway (you figured that out in the first five minutes) so why waste your breath.

Oggle his best friend whenever possible.
Tell him how lucky he is to have a good looking friend.

Don't ever remember his birthday. Yours is far more important.

Finally, read this article to him (clicking your tongue) and say you can't understand how any girl could be so awful.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Havin' a grand old time

Guess who's internet is finally working properly again? Yay!

Friday, March 12, 2010


These photos were taken the other night, just before I went out to see the new Alice in Wonderland (finally!). I had just had my hair cut and properly curled it with '70s heated rollers! I've been excited for so long about having a new haircut, and had to find a new hairdresser. Luckily my best friends godfather not only cuts hair but understood exactly what I wanted. We talked about '40s film star curls and Lady Gaga's outfits in her latest music video while he did my hair in his lounge turned salon/shirley bassey shrine. As for the movie - it was definitely amazing, especially the clothes, but I still prefer the old one with Whoopi Goldberg as the Chesire cat. Tim Burton did do a fabulous take on the story, although everyone said it was a very dark version whereas I though he might actually get a bit more out there on the storyline. But maybe that's just me. One thing that was way out there however was the fact that I noticed me and Anne Hathaway both a freckle on the palm of our right hand! Gee whizz, I bet you didn't expect that one.

Dress - '60s house coat found in a fantastic shop called vintageville (The weather's suddenly started to get very cold, so I had to wear a woollen vest and skirt underneath)
Shoes -etsy