Friday, April 30, 2010

Thank you!

Three blog posts in one night!! Who is this girl and why does she have her own theme song?? I'm on a roll. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who's commented on any of my posts so far. This weird thing always hapens with my computer when I try and post comments on my blog (or any other blog in this format) and it just asks me to log in over and over again. But I really do appreciate them so much!
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, I gotta go and get some sleep before the big march against mining happening tomorrow, excited already!!


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Old School

So, we've started back at school for our second term, and I'm super ready for the next holiday after just a week. It's just constant work and lack of sleep, and I can't help but wonder where all the exciting boarding school mysteries, adventures, and midnight excursions are? Being a central auckland high school, that doesn't take boarders, the closest thing we've got is Justin Biebers limo supposedly driving past (information spread around by very reliable third form sources) .What would make it all more bearable, perhaps, (both the school monotony and the fact that justin bieber coming near our school was the highlight of some girls' year )is a uniform as amazing as some of these (all illustrations are from my old girls' annuals from the '50s). We get to wear mufti in our final year, but until then its a plain blue skirt, light blue blouse, and a blue jumper that smells intensely of wet dog if it gets even slightly wet. Nothing on these cute little pinafores, hats, and blouses, and certainly not on those coats!! Wow.

What I love most about the last one is that, in the story below, the girl on the right is described as 'fat and dark, with a passion for doughnuts'.

Beauties of the '20s

Just watched the season finale of Americas Next Top Model (guilty pleasure!) and the insane ruffle/streamer/samba things flowing off their arms on the runway, we're seasons behind in NZ by the way, reminded me somewhat of this last photo. I love old pageant and modelling photos like these, a lot of the comments underneath were commenting not just on how the perception of beauty has changed over time, but also on how un-pretty all these gals are. Personally I think they're gorgeous, not to mention their clothes! They seem very real, and I love how in the second photo, Miss Atlanta's hem needs fixing. A nice little touch of imperfection.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Future Sailors

Future Sailor outfits!! I finally curled my hair with rags, which I've been wanting to do for ages. Those ringlets are indestructable I swear - they survived a whole day of wind, a party, sleep, and are still there!

Dress (actually a very vibrant blue) - Secondhand, shortened by my lovely mother (it used to have tiers that went below the knee)
Shoes- Etsy
Tights- Kmart. Last night someone thought I just had super pasty legs. I was not amused.
Head Scarf- pilfered from family member
Necklace - Op Shop
Brooch- homemade, it's actually just buttons (with ships on them) slid onto a safety pin

Dress - Secondhand, borrowed from me. Although she's done this nifty thing and attatched a black singlet to it with a safety pin, which is what creates the black belt/triangle in the middle of it
Boots and Necklaces- Not sure where they came from
Gold belt - Secondhand, borrowed from me
Head Scarf - Her Dad's tie

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Outfit Inspiration- Sailors

This is going to be like my third outfit post in a row, but I will post something else soon!
Anyway this is my outfit inspiration for my friend's party on saturday night. It isn't themed, but my friend Rosza and I were listening to what everyone else was going to wear and it all sounded pretty and all, but terribly unimaginative - so we thought , why not just make our own theme? And the genius idea was born to go as 'Future Sailors', loosely based on the Mighty Boosh (which is in the video). Rosza's kinda taking the futuristic sailor part of it (like Vince, the one in silver) and I think I will end up with a more sort of vintage sailor feel (like Howard, the one who got stuck with a lifeboat instead of a ship). I know the sailor look has been a little overdone lately, but we're still having fun with it. I'll post the outfit photos soon, after we've taken them.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Victory Rolls

After two years of doing nothing with my hair (except tying it up when absolutely neccessary) I’ve decided to start experimenting with it. I'm currently loving the styles from the '40s (as I mentioned in the last post) and the past few days have done victory rolls - I think they turn out pretty fine, staying in shape even after a full day of op-shopping on K' rd today. I think this may be the start of a love affair with hairspray.

Blouse- Peachy Keen Vintage
Skirt - Second hand store
Shoes- Jellies
Slip (the lace bottom pokes out underneath the skirt) - Peachy Keen Vintage
Purse - Second hand store
Beads - Second hand store

Les Sœurs

Some photos of my sister and I - at 8 she loves retro things as well and has a number of very cute little dresses. In particular she loves the '40s after doing a school production about that era (Currently a slight obsession of mine too, mainly because of the hair), the second photo was taken last year just before the show which was fabulous. I've put a video of her dance to 'Boogie Wooge Bugal Boy of Company B' by the Andrews sisters below because it was so cute (My Mum made all the gorgeous girls costumes as well).

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Roller Skatin'

I got this book at an op-shop awhile back and am loving the illustrated step-by-step instructions it has. At this point I am really wishing that I a) had enough co-ordination to rollerskate properly and b) still fit my old roller skates (which were similiar to the ones in the pictures except red, blue, and yellow striped). That way I could learn to skate like these kool kids and, one day, perhaps have the skill shown in the Flight of the Conchords music video below.

I honestly cannot think of a cooler thing right now than being able to hang out at the roller rink on weekends (my sister actually went to a skate party the other weekend, until then I didn't even know there was a skate rink in Auckland because it's way out in the wop wops) or to just casually roller skate everywhere with massive headphones on (attatched to a tape player, preferably) Sigh. Next summer, perhaps?
Anyway, even though it will be the second video, no roller skating post would be complete without the 'Poi E' music video by Patea Maori Club, which I love to no end.