Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Roller Skatin'

I got this book at an op-shop awhile back and am loving the illustrated step-by-step instructions it has. At this point I am really wishing that I a) had enough co-ordination to rollerskate properly and b) still fit my old roller skates (which were similiar to the ones in the pictures except red, blue, and yellow striped). That way I could learn to skate like these kool kids and, one day, perhaps have the skill shown in the Flight of the Conchords music video below.

I honestly cannot think of a cooler thing right now than being able to hang out at the roller rink on weekends (my sister actually went to a skate party the other weekend, until then I didn't even know there was a skate rink in Auckland because it's way out in the wop wops) or to just casually roller skate everywhere with massive headphones on (attatched to a tape player, preferably) Sigh. Next summer, perhaps?
Anyway, even though it will be the second video, no roller skating post would be complete without the 'Poi E' music video by Patea Maori Club, which I love to no end.

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  1. The ultimate rollerskating video? Micheal Nesmiths' "Cruising"! Check it out on youtube x