Thursday, April 22, 2010

Outfit Inspiration- Sailors

This is going to be like my third outfit post in a row, but I will post something else soon!
Anyway this is my outfit inspiration for my friend's party on saturday night. It isn't themed, but my friend Rosza and I were listening to what everyone else was going to wear and it all sounded pretty and all, but terribly unimaginative - so we thought , why not just make our own theme? And the genius idea was born to go as 'Future Sailors', loosely based on the Mighty Boosh (which is in the video). Rosza's kinda taking the futuristic sailor part of it (like Vince, the one in silver) and I think I will end up with a more sort of vintage sailor feel (like Howard, the one who got stuck with a lifeboat instead of a ship). I know the sailor look has been a little overdone lately, but we're still having fun with it. I'll post the outfit photos soon, after we've taken them.

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