Friday, August 12, 2011


It has been such a terribly long time since I've posted! I thought a good way to get back into semi-regular updating would be with photos of my recent school ball. I wore the same dress my Mother wore to her seventh form ball (which she bought vintage at the time), a little capelet she made me, and shoes from Peachy Keen. I really only went because a school ball is a rite of passage, and if I didn't go to at least one I would never have truly been a teenager. For me, the ball could have easily been re-classified as four hours of organised torture - as much as I love listening to blaring rap and mediocre popular music while locked in a hall with girls from school. On the bright side, the whole experience did wonders for bringing out my not-so-inner cynic, and allow my best friend and I to pretend we were in Ghost World for an extended length of time. About the time girls started taking off their heels (that's right, they went barefoot at a ball, you cannot even fathom my distress) and grinding we realised we desperately needed to get as far away form the dance floor as possible. This luckily resulted in the discovery of the tea table! Party animals, we are.
   The photos below are from before the ball, the wonderful pre-ball a friend of mine organised, and the official photography at the ball itself.