Saturday, April 24, 2010

Future Sailors

Future Sailor outfits!! I finally curled my hair with rags, which I've been wanting to do for ages. Those ringlets are indestructable I swear - they survived a whole day of wind, a party, sleep, and are still there!

Dress (actually a very vibrant blue) - Secondhand, shortened by my lovely mother (it used to have tiers that went below the knee)
Shoes- Etsy
Tights- Kmart. Last night someone thought I just had super pasty legs. I was not amused.
Head Scarf- pilfered from family member
Necklace - Op Shop
Brooch- homemade, it's actually just buttons (with ships on them) slid onto a safety pin

Dress - Secondhand, borrowed from me. Although she's done this nifty thing and attatched a black singlet to it with a safety pin, which is what creates the black belt/triangle in the middle of it
Boots and Necklaces- Not sure where they came from
Gold belt - Secondhand, borrowed from me
Head Scarf - Her Dad's tie

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  1. You both look great. Love how the curls turned out, very cute!