Monday, March 29, 2010


Last week our 3 school teams went to the Auckland petanque competition (that's right Miss Hooper, I actually missed school and a chemistry lesson for petanque) - it was so much fun, even though I still can't really play. After all teams successfully came last in all our games (except those against another AGGS team) it became evident how really we all came for the day off school, cheap orangina, and a free barbeque. Not to say that we didn't practise, it's just that throwing some boules down a grassy hill and downloading game instructions off google weren't really any match for the St Kents tracksuits. In saying that, we won in our hearts as usual and no-one at St Kents had a hat quite like mine.

Spot the blue tracksuits!
I'm not a huge fan of this photo but I figured at least one of the 4 bottles of Orangina I drank had to make it into a photo.

Shorts-Homemade by my lovely mother
Suspenders-From an old pair of my Mum's pants
Hat- Second hand store
Blouse-Second hand
Cardigan- Second hand

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  1. this is such an awesome outfit! i love the shorts and hat!

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