Monday, April 18, 2011

No Dull Moments or Dull Men Tolerated

 It's finally school holidays! Which means that I will hopefully be able to post more, although I still have a mountain of homework to attend to. This is being carefully avoided by watching the first season of Mad Men. I really enjoy it so far,  I daresay more for the costumes and set than the actual storyline. I do think it's good that there's a show that illustrates how advertisers manipulate people though, and how society is affected by the media. But Joan is the only character who really grabs me to be honest, and I tried to chanel her a little bit with this whole ensemble.

Dress - From a family friend (originally from Max)
Belt, Coat, Shoes - Borrowed from my Mother
Scarf - Made from a scrap of material
Bag - Second-hand Store
Gloves - Second hand store

It's all of a sudden gotten freezing cold, hooray for winter at last!


  1. GIRL you have the body to be a 80s-90s supermodel along with Schiffer, Campbell and the rest, back when models were still H.O.T.!! seriously I think like 1% of the female population has a body as gorgeous as yours. Wow.
    LOVING the red lipstick and ladylike attire too! and your comment on my blog was perfect, I TOTALLY thought of Dominique Swain's Lolita when getting dressed! thanks!

  2. Love your outfit, so cool.
    You can so carry it of.
    Don't think I have ever worn red lipstick!
    Oh yes, I did once at a vintage 50's night!

  3. Wow, you look amazing! So effortless and classy and very Mad Men indeed.

  4. Look at those gams!
    You are stunning. And so funny-- the closer you get to winter, the closer I get to summer.


  5. Ella you look SO gorgeous! Love love love that outfit...not that many people could carry it off xxx

  6. season two is much better and the dresses get amazing!
    : )


  7. Thank you all! These are actually the loveliest comments ever :)

  8. Your outfit is the cutest! It looks super Mad Men influenced - which is never a bad thing of course! I love your coat!