Sunday, June 27, 2010

The '30s in VOGUE - Part 1

Vogue embraces the flying craze on a cover, 1937

So the other day I decided that maybe I would actually study with my study period at school, but I unfortunately happened to sit down right next to a shelve of books on Vogue in the library. So goodbye French homework.The two that I brought home to (probably illegally) scan so I can pour over the pictures for ever and ever are truly amazing. I have to say I've never really thought of Vogue as having so much more than fashion in it, but the politics, art, and of course social gossip it's full of provide a fascinating look into the times. I won't post any of the text, but here are a few of my (agonisingly selected) favourite images.
Advertisement for World Peaceways 1937
'Mme Corniglion copes with the transport of her car across one of the tributaries of the Niger' 1931
 Vogue cover by Salvador Dali, 1939
'I dream about an evening dress' - Painting by Dali for Vogue, 1937
'Lady Louis Montbatten, wife of a cousin of the King, and a chic leader of London society, 1932'
'The 13-year old Princess Elizabeth visits the London Zoo, 1939' - (Speaking of the royal family, there is a fabulous giveaway of 1953 coronation souvenirs on Yesterday Girl)

Many more pictures are coming!

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