Sunday, June 20, 2010

VOGUE Knitting Book

                            'What's new in VOGUE KNIT? 
Wool inspired by fashion!
                                        Fashion translated into wool. 
With Vogue's own flair and Vogue's own crystal-clear instructions!
 Fashion moves fast but Vogue moves faster than a ferret to bring you the Vogue Knit Series, incomparable easy-to-follow designs of all that's best and most exciting in woollies today.'

My darling Mother found this knitting book for me in an op-shop the other day, it doesn't have an exact date on it but I'm guessing it's from the early '60s. It's filled with terribly elegant and well-cut patterns, simple yet beautiful in design. The above photo is perhaps my favourite out of the whole book, her glasses and delicate curls finish the look off perfectly.

'A city-wise suit with fashion in every line of it. The jacket, gently shaped to an unemphasised waistline, has two breast pockets at Empire level. The skirt is slim, back pleated for easy walking.'
'Lovely boucle wool dress for an elegant woman and two colour coat for a no less elegant poodle'
'New short length jacket with a flair for outdoor life'
'Simple cotton shirtwaist in its latest fashion guise'
'Beautiful cobweb lace stitch traces a demure jacket for a light spring accessory'
The rest of the line which is cut off reads - 'Roll-necked sweater in kitten-soft Orlon, panelled in twists of cable stitch'
'Kitten-soft' is such a lovely way to describe something. I wish people still dressed like this on 'carefree days'

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