Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vintage Finds

Above-Louis Armstrong playing 'Mack the Knife'
So it was my birthday not too long ago (really? who would have guessed after that last birthday cake post) and I had the most amazing day. After presents in the morning with my siblings(I got an old 60s portable record player which is in the video above, it also folds up and you can carry it around like a little suitcase, and a retro towelling beach robe/dress thing! I have been wanting both for soooo long!) Mum and I headed out first to a junk/second hand store up the road and then into the depths of henderson on an op-shopping spree. I don't know if it was because of my birthday or if I had some good kharma or what, but I found something in every single store. The best op shopping luck ever. Thank you universe. Among my finds were a brown woollen skirt , 70s floor length dress, a bunch of old records, and a vintage doll (who is now aptly named June and shall appear in a later post). An old doll was the one thing I really wanted to find that day and I stumbled across her in the most unlikely little recycled clothing store. I also found an old book that I had been searching for for ages that we used to have at my primary, and an old ad book about one of my favourite cars, the triumph spitfire. That night the whole family came round for a fantastic vegan tea and then we spent the evening listening to records (my mum even dug out her old collection) on my new record player. Still not sure how I feel about being 15 but at least now I can get my learners . My Mum and I are searching for an old VW beetle that we can do up to be my first car - super excited!

My records, tucked away in a record case found in an op shop up north

Fantastic curtain fabric and an old book from my Aunty and Uncle, my cousin Kahi also made me the most awesome birthday cardto the tune of the Jackson 5, and Sol very kindly donated some of his prized shell and seaglass collection to come and join one of my shelf displays

According to the 1976 'valuetale' Helen Keller imagined that she was followed around by 3 tiny leprechauns as a child, and had HUGE eyes

Some photos from the Triumph Spitfire MK4 advertising and specifications brochure

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