Saturday, January 2, 2010

Girls On the Wing

There is a part of me that would love to grow up to be an air hostess. Too many old articles and pictures (and possibly one too many viewings of 'the view from the top', not to mention my collection of retro air new zealand and B.O.A.C paraphanalia) have left me under the illusion that it is still a new, exciting and glamorous occupation. If only, if only. I would happily go without the extensive in flight entertainment we now have if I got to ride in a plane with this sort of decor. Flying is so ordinary and boring now, somehow we have let the excitement and fun that the air hostesses of the 60s brought fade away. I certainly think flying is a lot less desirable when the only energy and fun that comes with it is the annoying song off the pacific blue ad.Good lord. Why wasn't I born in a past decade?
According to the 1973 Sun Annual for girls,  'A trainee stewardess enjoys a full grooming course which aims to help her with make-up techniques and hairstyles as well as showing her the art of the 'catwalk' which will enable her to walk gracefully around the air craft when in flight.'
Need I say more.I didn't see no catwalking on my last Quantas flight.

Really, what girl could resist a career that involves egg chairs?

Not to mention getting a matching umbrella to go with you fab uniform?

That moustache. Is fabulous. 

I think I would honestly die if I ever found one of any of these old uniforms

The go-go boots!

And finally a bit of service with a smile :)

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