Saturday, January 2, 2010

Aren't I a Lucky Gal-Christmas Goodness

Well, it's been a wee while since christmas now but at least I'll finally be putting some photos on this blog.  I got so many wonderful presents from my family I honestly don't know what to do with them all. I feel incredibly spoilt. Almost most excitingly had to be my amazing vintage sewing kit from santa (oh, the joys of having younger siblings). I am oh so happy-and I'm sure my mum is too because now I don't have to pester her for needles and pins all the time.Of course, christmas is about the giving not the receiving etc etc, so I've included a photo of what I gave my mum (No idea what  she's going to do with them, but they're made with pretty vintage fabric). I wore a gorgeous dress brought from oohlalavintage (this picture doesn't show it very well though) which suited the amazing summer weather perfectly, it was the hottest christmas I can remember in years. So hot in fact that we had to unearth the fan from underneath five winter coats and start a waterfight in the middle of the day. I was all ready to bring on the iced tea and embrace a long hot summer when only a week later I found myself in winter clothes. Gotta love Auckland weather.

Needle book and pin cushion handmade by my Mum

The sewing kit in all it's glory-I'm especially in love with the amazing vintage embroidery book!

Gorgeous fairy lights, on top of some fantastic retro sheets

Below-what I made Mum, and below that- the case I got from my siblings and a litle bit of kiwiana.If you haven't seen the video that inspired the t-shirt, watch it-it certainly made me start taking the police seriously. Gosh up until now I had thought all they did was attempt to do useless things like solve murders and  bust p-labs. How wrong I was.

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