Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Up North

Here are some (polarized-yay!) photos from our recent holiday in Omapere. There was a huge sunflower in the vegetable garden of the house we stayed at, the biggest one I've ever seen, and it required lots of kodak moments. While we were there we took a day trip over to Ahipara to see my Auntie, Uncle, and Cousins. I never quite got why they moved up into the middle of nowhere, but after seeing how beautiful their place is I fully understand. In front of a backdrop of native bush and with enough room for two horses and some rescued battery hens (sporting names like 'Barry' and 'Derek') at the bottom of the drive is a river with a fantastic, if not a little chilly, waterhole. If you follow the river down there is a field filled with wild blackberries. It was the first time I had ever been blackberry picking and I have to say they are not gentle plants -my hands were still covered in little cuts and stained slightly purple with their sweet juice for days after. While my family stayed in Omapere for a week, Rosza and I came down early to go to big day out, which was amazing. TheChecks DevendraBanhart TheVeils Kasabian Bandicoot Muse DizzeeRascal sixbottlesofwater and physicallymeltingintheheat all in one day. Fantastic.

Note- I used this to make all my photos look like polaroids, and also the dress I am wearing in the first photo is the same one I wore on christmas day


  1. Love the whole concept, and if you don't mind I'm going to keep tuning in. Fab!