Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Retro Fever

So ... I should be studying up for my learner drivers test right now, but I keep getting distracted by looking at retro car ads.

Aren't they simply fabulous! Not only for the beautiful cars,  but also because of how much they show about the era they are from. I think the way advertising style changes is just fascinating. It's not often now that you see a car advertised as 'fun' or 'playful', it's all sleek, silver, futuristic in a technological-robot kind of a way, and more-complex-than-a-batmobile with airbags so big that they'll suffocate you (but the car will be fine, due to all it's fancy anti-crash safety features). What we supposedly look for in a car and what is important to a majority of consumers has changed so much since the swinging sixties, and other bygone eras. Personally, I find an advertisement that has been hand drawn a whole lot more appealing than a high definition photograph that practically shines. 

Image credit- mainly form here and here.

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  1. and just think of all the fabulous driving outfits you will need when you get your own retro car