Saturday, February 13, 2010

Childrens Knitwear

This is a whole bunch of pictures from old childrens knitting patterns which I am currently taking winter inspiration from (I know it's not winter yet, and it's not that I don't love summer, but I'm so ready for a new season - muggy days and sunburn are definitely starting to lose their appeal.). So, in anticipation of getting to snuggle up in my woollens again and not melt everytime I move away from a fan, here are some adorable outfits that, if they weren't in child sizes and I could knit, would certainly be in my closet.

It's a knitted tie!!
This one isn't from a pattern, it's my Gran and my Great Aunt. They had the most amazing matching home-made clothes when they were younger, I would have put up more but this was the only one I could find of their woollens that wasn't on a slide.

Woollen romper for the beach? check.

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