Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Time Fashions - Roughing It Holidays

As it is now school holidays I figured a post on holiday fashions was in order - the following has been adapted from 'Smart Girl' 1964, a Scottish girls' annual. This first installment is about 'Roughing It Holidays'. 

It's the thing now to be as different as you can when it comes to holidays. I know people who've been ski-ing on Scotland, hiking, pot-holing, Youth Hostelling, climbing, ponytrekking and I even ran across a very earnest type who went on an archaeological dig!
Listening to all the wonderful tales about holidays, I realised just how important the right clothes are - you can't scale Ben Nevis, for instance, in a flower-sprigged cotton dress! So let's take it from the top :

Everything must be highly packable; it must squeeze into the smallest knapsack or a single suitcase. Trousers of some sort are absolutely neccessary - blue jeans are ideal. Start off in the jeans, a shirt and serviceable jacket, anorak or windcheater, thick-soled walking shoes; pack or wear a thick sweater.

Take head-scarves and head-bands (the latter will keep you looking pretty in the evenings). Take quick-drying nylon underwear or cotton if you're going to a hot climate, and a pair of fold-up ballerina pumps.

1942. Mum on the top

You may need a dress for evenings (anyway, it's nice to be feminine sometimes!) so choose a simple style in one of the man-made fabrics, which will not crease inbearably. Allow for minimum make-up but take a tube of cold cream - nature really does take it out of the skin!

1964. Summer. In Bükk Mountains

And you'll need stout socks inside those walking shoes. In hot weather you'll find walking in shorts much cooler so squeeze in a pair.

With these essentials you'll be set to enjoy a roughing it holiday!

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