Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Half Days and Op-Shoppin'

Half-days are god sends. Thank you teachers for needing a whole afternoon to decide whether or not you are going to strike. Truly, op-shopping with my Mum all afternoon was a 100 times better than maths and physics. We went to all the lovely little red-cross and salvation army stores that are still run by little old women, are super crowded and not ridiculously overpriced, my favourite kinds.
The fabulous '70s tv dinner tray and table cloth are actually from my workmate, but the fantastic thermos, cup and saucer and 16 (16!) Stitchcraft magazines are all part of this afternoons treasures. I also got a blue wool skirt, red and green scarf, two sixties night-dresses, an old Goosebumps video, and a whole bunch of old knitting patterns.

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