Saturday, July 17, 2010

Winter Sunshine

Spent a lovely day walking around the Auckland Winter Gardens, enjoying some sunshine for the first time in awhile. Although I daresay I’m always a little suspicious of sunny winter days – they’re very sneaky if you know what I mean. You get tricked into thinking it’s summer (or something like it) but then as soon as you stop moving all your extremities immediately go numb.
As you can see, there has been some minor hair cutting/blog redesigning going on. I'm hoping this will allow for easier curling and larger pictures respectively.
Last day of the school holidays, wearing whatever takes my fancy, and spending hours listening to music and crocheting tomorrow. Sigh.Although this will probably mean some more frequent posts as I will be back to doing my best at ignoring all forms of homework once again. Expect some '70s home decor posts soon!
Shoes- Vintage (from Tinyspace)
Skirt- Secondhand (op-shop)
Blouse- Secondhand (op-shop)
Cardigan- Secondhand (op-shop)
Hat- Secondhand
Necklace/Badges- Seondhand (op-shops)

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