Monday, July 26, 2010

Tea Party and Oil Spills

On saturday my friends Madison and Taylor (mentioned in this post) held a fabulous birthday tea party. I've wanted to go to a proper 'civilised' party, with everyone dressed up nicely, records playing, and friendly chit-chat for so long (not that I don't love other 16ths)and this hit the spot perfectly. They're just the most wonderful gals, and making their presents was such fun too. Below are the cards I gave them, and further down are parts of their presents (I didn't take the photos from the afternoon, so sorry about the quality!). My Mum was more than a little confused seeing me wrap up kitten aprons and Jane Fonda workout records, topped off with bad '80s granny square patterns - they were pleased though.

Look at those type writer skills! I have such respect for the secretaries of yesteryear, and the finger strength they must have had
Twins in aprons made by my wonderful Mother (kittens and rampaging rhinos respectively) it was uncanny how perfectly they happened to match their outfits
Their roof decorations were so fabulous they had to be shared!
 On a slightly different note, the next day (Sunday) I was part of a Greenpeace protest against oil exploration/drilling off NZ's beautiful coast - you can sort of see me behind and to the left in this photo. Moral of the story - our governments being extremely silly at the moment and hairspray from the day before + molasses is not the best hair combo. More about it here.


  1. indeed the perfect tea party outfit! that dress is so cute!


  2. That dress is adorable. So cute.