Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shake, Rattle, and Roll


Hello again! Welcome to the first official 'Me and My Clothes' post! There have been a few changes to JuneBook, of which I will explain in a moment, but first let me explain these photos. About two weeks before Christmas (yes, they're a wee bit late to be posted, I know) I hosted a small '50s themed cocktail party. While the era of the music was less strict (with Sam Cooke, Louis Armstrong, and Mayer Hawthorne all on the record player at some stage) I policed the dress code with an iron fist, and lord behold it worked! Looking around one could easily have believed it was actualy the 1950s, which was of course my goal. We didn't manage to take any photos of the actual soiree, but these are from before everyone arrived, when two of my darling friends came over to help set up.

Dress - Nigel and Daphne
Shoes - Peachy Keen
Gloves - Secondhand Store
Pearls - Secondhand Store

While I will continue to do outfit posts like these (filed under 'Me and My Clothes'), I want this blog to start functioning more like the original June Book for young girls did. From now on there will also be regular posts featuring articles from my vast collection of Girls' Annuals (mainly old June Book editions), and some more modern sources, which will come under the following categories:

Bob's Tells You How
Sewing, crochet, craft, growing roses, riding-a-bike-in-heels-and-a-pencil-skirt, vegan baking - if it can be taught, then Bobs will tell you how it's done. She's certainly branched out from her original JuneBook feature, as a 'Girl Vet' giving petcare advice. However there are some areas that Bobs agrees should be left to the experts, even if one is exceptionally multi-talented, such as beauty and fashion advice.

Gloria the Glamour Girl
Luckily, that's where Gloria the Glamour Girl can step in. Originally Sue Day's bad-tempered-boy-crazy-bombshell of an older sister (from 'Princess' Annual), Gloria now presents us with an array of beauty and style tips, not to mention articles on the latest pop sensations, and tragically hilarious romance stories from the '70s (accompanied by rather questionable relationship advice). 

Souper Cat
 The most heart-warmingly amusing poems and comics about cats, brought to you by none other than Souper Cat himself!

From Your Grandma's Pantry
This is quite possibly the section I am most excited about, filled with the natural beauty tips of the past, and using ingredients that you could have been found in your Grandma's pantry back in the day. Not only are they chemical free, but they can be made from local (and where possible, organic) ingredients -  making them environmentally responsible and healthy alternatives to products made by corporate giants (who tend to treat workers, the environment, and animals with considerable disregard).

More sections will be coming, and I look forward to posting much more often now that I've settled into my first year of University.


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  1. I can't wait for you to start updating more frequently!