Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Peculiar Behaviour of Lady Perdita

I covered all my school books with pictures from National Geographics (from the '50s and '70s). Just because I could. Also it's now far easier to imagine being somewhere else. School is always so much more exciting in old girls' annuals, the title of this post is in fact a story from 'The Bumper Book for Girls 1956' - why do we never have to solve intriguing mysteries involving a new girl from an exotic country? Today the most interesting thing that happened was my maths teacher comparing calculus to little rabbits with floppy ears that scamper away when you try to cuddle them.

 Also school-related : A homemade school bag and pencil case

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  1. Love these images so much, awesome and the bags, Love your site, am going to follow too! I love vintage books, fabrics, china actually anything too! thanks