Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gloves Gloves Gloves

Wow, I've been really going for gold with the innovative titles recently huh. These photos are from a while ago, when I went to see Harry Potter 7 (something I was way too excited about) and do a spot of record shopping . I got Best Coast, Belle and Sebastian, CSS and The Kinks - it was actually the first time I've bought new records (although the Kinks - Give the People What They Want, is an old one), and I love them so much. Even though they're modern music there's still something so much more charming about hearing them on record, it makes them more real, and the music more tangible in a way. Anyway, the real excitement of this post is that I found gloves that fit! They were only $2 dollars and fit perfectly. I've been searching forever for some gloves that have long enough fingers.

Hmm.On reflection of these photos, my hair wasn't really coping with the wind and humidity as well as I thought it was. I need stronger hairspray. I've been trying to use ones that are made in New Zealand by companies that don't test on animals, but I shall have to keep searching.

Gloves - Secondhand store
Dress - Secondhand store (shortened by my lovely Mother)
Shoes - Vulcan Lane vintage market
Purse - Secondhand store
Sunglasses - Used to be my Mums

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