Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Overdressed for Pak'N'Save

 Shoes:Vintage(Etsy),  Dress:Garage Sale,  Cardigan:My Mother's

 I wore this while accompanying my Mother to le supermarché yesterday, with more layers than originally intended due to the sudden cold snap (some excuse for spring this is!) . I usually find that I’m overdressed most places I go, but especially for Pak’N’Save, where people are frequently seen in nightwear. Not just pajamas either, the whole shabang – slippers, dressing gown and all. No matter what the time of day. At least my set of curls came out well – the night before I had them up when my friend and I waitressed for a family friends' vampire themed party. This is also the dress I wore to a circus themed party (I have been to so many themed parties lately it isn't funny), although with more accessories.

The last two photos were taken by my Aunt - I was doing door greetings at the party with a heavy russian accent at the time.
Dress:Peachy Keen Vintage, Shawl: Borrowed

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