Monday, September 20, 2010

More Questionable Advice from the '70s

This is the slightly tragic song we had to translate for our french listening exam. The lyrics are almost as enchanting as the music video, which offers multiple close-ups of the singers glorious helmet haircut, framed by the sunlight. Our reading translation was a paragraph on how to avoid stress, which included such helpful tips as talking to random strangers, sleeping outside on the grass, and drawing a picture of yourself on an island and taping it to your fridge.

Sometimes I question the education system.

Anyway, the other day I was reading a Pink Annual from 1974 (the same year as the song above was released) and discovered that I have been un-knowingly breaking a vital fashion law. Apparently, nail polish and socks should, under no circumstances, be worn together - even if they are co-ordinated.
I'm not entirely sure where this claim comes from, but considering this is the same magazine which features a 5 page article on 'Gary Glitter' I suppose anything is possible.

'There's nothing he loves better than to wander 'round the old junk shops-oh, and he always takes his camera with him on these jaunts too! So next time you're window shoppin' keep an eye out for a glitter in the could be our Gary!'
I'll admit that I've been mildly terrified every time I've gone into an op-shop since reading this.

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